04.27.23 05:29

I know I promised I would make a diary entry every month but honestly, when have I ever kept my word on anything.

Anyway, these past few months have been uneventful. I haven't been alright. I'm suffering from an eating disorder and my depression and chronic fatigue seems to worsen by the day. I'm trying really hard but it seems hopeless sometimes. Even so, I am determined to get through this. Here's a picture of my crayfish Larry to lighten the mood.
02.1.23 20:40

Diary entries make a return! Bet you're surprised! I'm making it a goal of mine to make at least one diary entry a month. This is the first!

Anyway, I guess I've been alright. Not too bad but not too good either. I'm a little depressed right now but I know I'll get through this. Everything comes to pass.

I got fish for Christmas! I have a ton of fish now. I love them very dearly! I didn't think I would ever keep fish but it's been so much fun. It's relaxing just watching them swim around and chill.