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original release date: 11.15.18
original rerelease date: 12.xx.21
date obtained: 4.29.22
obtained from: amiami

this is a figure i've wanted for quite a long time! when i began collecting in 2019, i saw her - the hatsune miku 2nd season winter figure! she was absolutely adorable and i had to have her. unfortunately she was sold out, and i didn't know how to obtain figures second-hand just yet. she sat at the back of my mind semi-forgotten until the end of last year. she was getting a rerelease! i immediately pre-ordered her and waited patiently for her to arrive. let's look at her now that we finally have her!


i love the colors used for the box! her illustration is as adorable as i thought it would be! let's take her out of her box (free her)!

i didn't expect for the halo to be separated from her body, to be quite honest. it makes sense though, haha. let's further free her and begin assembling!

her halo was difficult to put in correctly, but the figure itself does not disappoint! what else can i say other than: she's so CUTE! the paint job was excellent, her face is adorable, her outfit, her colors... AH!!!

here are some closeups of some of her details! 10/10!

to end this, i'll admit that i almost cancelled my preorder. i've been trying to collect less prize figures and invest in more pricy but detailed scale figures. i'm glad i didn't do so! she was as cute as i first imagined in 2019. she might be one of my last prize figures, but i'm happy i ended my prize figure saga with a bang!

overall rating:
original release date: 10.26.21
date obtained: 4.15.22
obtained from: bigbadtoystore

a few delays from bbts later and i finally have her: the hatsune miku sporty maid noodle stopper!

i absolutely love noodle stoppers, and sitting figures in general. they're small, cute, and take up very little space! oh, you no longer have any space to put standing figures? just buy some sitting figures and put them on the ledge of the shelf!

but anyways, let's get into the actual figure! here is the packaging! one of the best packaging i've seen! it definitely cemented my confidence in ordering from bbts.

and here is the box! a very cute box in my opinion! i love the illustration on the side!


taking her out of her box shows that she's in a blister. some noodle stopper figures don't come in blisters but are loose in their box instead. i absolutely hate this, so i'm grateful that she had a blister!

here she is out of the blister! she's smaller than i expected - even smaller than my other miku noodle stoppers. i don't mind this though!

she's quite detailed considering her size! her face and paint job are one of my favorites of all miku noodle stoppers, right next to the miku china noodle stopper!

i absolutely love her outfit as well. i may be biased because i'm goth and dress in black dresses, but her dress is so adorable and suits her so well!

overall, there's not much to say about her. she's cute, she's a noodle stopper, she's a cute noodle stopper. the illustration was conveyed in figure form very well. i highly recommend getting her if you want a small cute figure that doesn't take up any space at all!

overall rating:
original release date: 10.20.21
date obtained: 1.24.22
obtained from: taobao from superbuy

after almost two years of waiting for the release, a complicated ordering process done in a language i don't speak nor understand, and a long shipping delay, i obtained my most prized treasure: the myethos shaohua hatsune miku figure. this is probably one of the most difficult miku figures to obtain only due to the fact that it was only available in china (myethos is a chinese company). if you wanted to buy this figure, you either had to buy it through taobao (which is only in chinese), use a proxy and suffer through a long complicated ordering process, or pay significantly more than retail price to buy it from an english site like sugotoys or resellers like mercari and ebay.

i bit the bullet a year ago and decided to preorder her using superbuy, a taobao proxy. only, i accidently ordered three of her because i couldn't understand chinese! i had to accept my losses and kept only one order. i paid a bit lower than retail price thanks to preorder bonuses, and got a free screen for the figure! shipping though.... it was absolute hell. it was over half the price of the figure!!! i almost cried but this miku was definitely worth it. she currently goes for more than what i paid for her, and it'll probably increase in the future! after almost three months after she initially shipped, she unexpectedly arrived at my doorstep. let's look at her!!!!

i got too excited and forgot to take a picture of the packaging... so here she is in her box!

she was extremely well packaged! her box is simple but beautiful and showcases the figure well!


taking her out of the box and removing all of the plastic reveals a beautiful figure! i decided to remove her default hand and place the hand holding the fan instead.

here is the back as well, including her hair.

she is very well painted! carefully inspecting her reveals absolutely no errors at all! here is a closer look at her face.

and here is a sideview.

myethos definitely did not spare any details! her face is beautiful, and her fan, her dress, her hair, everything is well painted. just look how beautiful the plants around her are!

here is a look at her screen. the 'wood' has a plasticy feel to it, but the screen itself feels like paper. the details were beautiful as well.

overall, i think this is the best figure i have ever seen. she was definitely worth the price. even though the process was rough, i don't regret ordering her at all. here she is in her entirety!

i am sold on myethos figures. i've always heard good things about the company, but seeing one of their figures in person has made me a big fan. their quality does not disappoint, and neither does their prices.

i put miku on my shelf far away from my other figures to prevent my cat from getting to her. yesterday (3.13.22) i decided to put her back into her box to prevent any damage and dust. she is beautiful, and remains my most prized figure so far. if you have the chance to obtain her, i say go for it! you won't regret it!

overall rating:
original release date: 1.21.21
date obtained: 9.23.21
obtained from: amiami

on to the third miku figure from my haul: the hatsune miku project diva arcade future tone spm bless you figure! don't even get me started...

i've always thought the outfit for this module was very cool! this figure was another one of my spm wish list.


the box features a posing miku! the sides are a simple white, yet very detailed!

taking her out of the box reveals that she's unassembled.

time to start assembling! here she is in full!

she's an absolutely great figure! her gradient paint job, her sculpt, everything is well done! i especially love her pose, it's so unique!

her base features diamonds. it's plain, yet it suits the figure! i do wish it was smaller though... i dislike large bases.

her outfit is so cool! i love the ruffles! here is a close up of her flower headpiece! it's very detailed!

the only complaint i have is that two of her skirt ribbons are bent, which it's... not supposed to be. i guess they bent in the packaging. oh well, couldn't be avoided. :(

overall, she is one of my favorite spm figures! i hope they make more unique spm figures such as this one. here she is on my manga shelf next to the infinity spm!

overall rating:
original release date: 12.18.15
original rerelease date: 7.31.20
date obtained: 9.23.21
obtained from: amiami

here is the second miku figure from my haul: the hatsune miku project diva arcade future tone spm infinity figure! another long name...

this was one of my most wished spm figures, and she's finally here! anyways, let's start by looking at her box!


such a cool box! i think the cyber theme really suits her! her box is very unique for a spm figure. usually, spm figures are in small skinny boxes with no front window. i wonder why infinity miku got special treatment? ^_^'

assembling her was pretty easy. she's already assembled, so all i had to do was put her on her stand. here she is! (ignore the bluriness of the first photo lol i was taking pictures quickly)

she's absolutely beautiful! the gradients in her hair are very well done! i also love her outfit! i'm into gothic lolita fashion, so her outfit is right up my alley! ^_^

her base is plain black and also very large. i at least wish they could have made it cyber-themed or something...

the paint job is also very well done, especially her face! spm figures are usually very well done when it comes to the paint job and face, and she is no different. here is a close up.

her headphones say 'infinity' on the sides and feature an infinity symbol, which is a neat detail!

overall, she is another great spm figure! she has some flaws here and there, such as noticeable plastic seam lines. she could also use some polishing in certain areas. she's a prize figure though, so i don't expect perfection! here she is on my manga shelf near my other spm figures!

overall rating:
original release date: 2.10.13
original rerelease date: 7.25.13
date obtained: 9.23.21
obtained from: amiami

after literal months of waiting, she's finally here along with two other miku figures: the strawberry white snow miku nendoroid! she's the most owned miku figure on mfc, so i decided that i needed her to see why!

before that, a little story on how i obtained her. i ordered her along with two other miku figures in june from amiami, preowned but unopened. my dumb ass decided to use surface shipping, which takes 2-4 months. why am i a dumbass? because i was going to move in july. -_- so here i am, at my new house for two months already and the package is nowhere to be found until yesterday. the package couldn't be delivered because my former residence is now inaccessable. it was going to be sent back until the mailman himself called me. he is good acquaintances with my family and was nice enough to hold the package and give it to me himself! :) moral of the story: don't skimp on shipping. spend those five extra dollars for quick dhl shipping. :D another moral: if your mailman knows you enough to do you a favor, you probably order too many packages.

anyways... let's look at her box! it's covered in plastic wrapping, which is a little strange for a nendoroid.



such a simple yet cute box! unwrapping the box and taking the paper cover off reveals another miku underneath!

opening the box was a little difficult. here she is in her blister. she has a lot of accessories, which i didn't expect! underneath the top blister is the bottom blister, which holds her platform and stand, and alternate hair.

taking the blisters out of the box reveals a little strawberry at the bottom of the box. how cute! ^_^

and here she is taken out of her packaging! she's absolutely adorable! her neck joint is a bit loose though... let's hope she doesn't lose her head!

i also expected her to be a bit sticky considering her age and the fact that she's never been taken out of the box. she surprinsingly was completely clean and soft to the touch! how lucky!

taking off her hood reveals little strawberry seeds inside of it. such a cute detail!

deciding on how i wanted to pose her was difficult! here she is in her sitting pose! i didn't keep her this way because it wouldn't look good at the top of my shelf.

and her she is in her final pose!

overall, this is definitely one of my favorite miku nendoroids! she's very detailed, and her poses are very unique. i now understand why she's the most owned miku figure on mfc. ^_^' here she is, posed next to my other miku nendoroids!

overall rating:
original release date: 5.27.13
original rerelease dates: 6.19.13, 6.16.14
date obtained: 9.13.21
obtained from: mfc user sale

i have many miku nendoroids, but i didn't have the original one. so, i decided to change that! i bought her from a mfc user: the hatsune miku 2.0 nendoroid!

i decided to get the 2.0 version instead of her predecessor, mostly because the 2.0 version comes with more accessories and looks better.

she was second-hand and listed as 'great condition'. i don't mind buying figures second-hand. in fact, almost all of the figures i own are second-hand! anyways, let get into her packaging and box!

her box is bigger than most recent nendoroid boxes are today! (note: i already took her out of the blister after realizing that i forgot to take pictures -_-)


taking her out of the box shows that she comes with many accessories!

time to start assembling her! umm... i broke one of the hair pegs when trying to change her hair...

it's a big problem with older nendoroids. the parts become brittle and break easily. fortunately i can buy spare nendoroid parts from chibi chop shop so it wasn't a big deal for me! don't make the same mistake as me and carefully apply parts!

it was difficult deciding how exactly i wanted to pose her! i ultimately went with her sitting down pose so i could display her on my computer desk!

she's absolutely adorable! this may be one of my favorite miku nendoroids!

here she is, chilling next to kyo!

and finally, here she is on my computer desk! i hope my cat doesn't knock her down...

all in all, i really love her! i especially like that she comes with so many accessories. nendoroids nowadays cost $50-$60 and come with very little. miku's original price was $30 and she comes with so much!

i also really appreciate the fact that she comes with a sitting down pose! nendoroids are impossible to sit down, so this was a pleasant surprise!

overall rating:
original release date: 1.26.18
original rerelease date: 2.10.21
date obtained: 8.18.21
obtained from: galactictoys

i finally decided to get something that has been on my wishlist for a while: the hatsune miku project diva arcade future tone spm pierretta figure! quite a long name...

spm figures usually go for around $20-$25, but this particular seems to be more popular than i thought, going for about $30-$50. even so, i managed to snag her for $25 plus shipping from a store i've never bought from before. buying figures from new stores is always a gamble, but it's a gamble i'm willing to take!

anyways, let's start with the packaging! as this was the first time i've ordered from galactictoys, i wasn't sure what to expect with the packaging. so when i received the package and saw that the box was dented, i was filled with a bit of dread.

ok... not too bad i guess. don't know what they were thinking, wrapping the figure box in the loosest bubblewrap possible. though i won't judge too harshly; it may have come undone in the shipping process. always make sure to secure the bubblewrap folks!

let's look at the box!


this has got to be one of the most perfect boxes i've ever received. by that, i mean that there are no dents or imperfections anywhere. quite surprising to see, considering how the box was packaged!

the box is really nice! i like the carnival-like feel it has to it! the left side features the in-game pierretta module, which i think adds a nice touch to the box.

opening the box shows that she doesn't come in a blister, which i hate. miku is also in pieces.

she was a bit difficult to put together. her upper body would just not go into her lower body. -_- here she is, put together!

she's so cute! the pose, the clothes, the colors... overall a fantastic miku module! what i love about spm figures is that they're quite cheap, yet contain the details a scale figure would! they're also quite big as well! this figure is no exception! her base is quite nice as well. it fits her theme quite well!

one thing that i noticed while putting her together are these weird clear stains and small scratches. here is one of the clear stains, shown in her bangs.

these errors aren't very noticeable if you're not looking closely, but they're still there. it's not much of a bother to me, but i do like my figures to be defectless.

overall, she's another well done spm figure! i'll be ordering more spm figures in the future! i put her next to my ribbon girl spm figure.

overall rating:
original release date: 2.20.21
date obtained: 7.31.21
obtained from: tokyo otaku mode

after waiting for months, she's finally here: the sakura miku 2021 version! i have the previous years' sakura mikus, so i was anxiously waiting for this one! unfortunately, tokyo otaku mode tends to ship out their figures months after the original release date, so i had to wait 5 months to receive her... that's the last time i'm ordering from tokyo otaku mode!

let's start with her packaging! tokyo otaku mode always packages their items well!

haha... why is the bubble wrap kind of loose at the bottom? the box is fine, right?'s dented on the top. thanks tokyo otaku mode! :D

box-denting aside, let's look at the actual box:


this is my favorite sakura miku box yet! the sakuras and the sky behind miku really sell the figure well! the illustration is beautiful as well!

opening the box shows that miku is in a blister, with her twin-tails separated from her head. a flower is present, which goes in her hand. here she is, fully assembled:

the first thing i noticed after assembling her is that her right leg peg wouldn't fully go into the base.

i don't really mind this, but the fact that the peg won't fully go in may cause problems in the future. namely, the peg could break if i apply any amount of force.

moving on, i also noticed that miku's color is a little darker than her box makes her out to be. her box shows her as a light pastel pink, but in person she's more of a dusty rose. not much of a problem, but putting her side by side with her former years' counterparts clearly show the color difference.

the best part of the figure is her face. her eyes are bright and very detailed, almost like a scale figure's!

i also really like the sakura she's holding! it adds so much to the figure! it can be removed if wanted, but she looks so much better with it!

overall, this is definitely my favorite sakura miku so far. i can't wait to see what taito gives us next year! i put her on the middle of my shelf:

overall rating:
original release date: 3.36.21
date obtained: 7.30.21
obtained from: mercari

a bit of backstory for obtaining this figure: i initially preordered her months ago when she was first announced. unfortunately, she decided to ship just when i was moving, so i barely missed her and my package was sent back :( i opted to buy her off of mercari preowned for $20, and here we are!

anyways, let's look at her box!


her box is a pretty shade of pink! i love her illustration! the illustration was what made me preorder her when she was first unveiled!

opening the box shows that she doesn't come with a blister, only bubble wrap. personally, i despise figures that are packaged like this. not only is it harder to put them away when you need to, but the lack of a blister means that figure moves around in transit. anyways, let's see if the illustration translated well to reality:

so far, she looks great! the colors used are a nice pastel pink. she's small, which i expected. there are minor imperfections, which is also expected of a prize figure. one thing i don't really like is her face:

in the illustration, miku is clearly looking at the viewer. but in her figure form, she looks kind of... spaced out. almost as if she's dissociating. to be honest, i almost canceled my preorder when her prototype was revealed because of her face. her illustration was so cute! why did they opt to make her face like that? it still kind of bothers me now, but i'll keep her.

one thing i really liked is how her fingers are combing through her hair:

it's such a neat and unique detail! i expected them to make her hair just sit there on her hand, but they actually went ahead and made it look like she's combing her hair!

overall, i really like her! she has some flaws here and there, but they outweigh how cute she is!

here she is, sitting on my shelf with all my other noodle stoppers and sitting figures:

overall rating: