Original release date: 1.21.21
Date obtained: 9.23.21
Obtained from: amiami

On to the third Miku figure from my haul: the Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade Future Tone SPM Bless You figure! Don't even get me started...

I've always thought the outfit for this module was very cool! This figure was another one of my SPM wish list.


The box features a posing miku! The sides are a simple white, yet very detailed!

Taking her out of the box reveals that she's unassembled.

Time to start assembling! Here she is in full!

She's an absolutely great figure! Her gradient paint job, her sculpt, everything is well done! I especially love her pose, it's so unique!

Her base features diamonds. It's plain, yet it suits the figure! I do wish it was smaller though... I dislike large bases.

Her outfit is so cool! I love the ruffles! Here is a close up of her flower headpiece! It's very detailed!

The only complaint I have is that two of her skirt ribbons are bent, which it's... not supposed to be. I guess they bent in the packaging. Oh well, couldn't be avoided. :(

Overall, she is one of my favorite SPM figures! I hope they make more unique SPM figures such as this one. Here she is on my manga shelf next to the Infinity SPM!

Overall rating: