Original release date: 12.18.15
Original rerelease date: 7.31.20
Date obtained: 9.23.21
Obtained from: AmiAmi

Here is the second Miku figure from my haul: the Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade Future Tone SPM Infinity figure! Another long name...

This was one of my most wished SPM figures, and she's finally here! Anyways, let's start by looking at her box!


Such a cool box! I think the cyber theme really suits her! Her box is very unique for a SPM figure. Usually, SPM figures are in small skinny boxes with no front window. I wonder why infinity miku got special treatment? ^_^'

Assembling her was pretty easy. She's already assembled, so all I had to do was put her on her stand. Here she is! (ignore the bluriness of the first photo lol I was taking pictures quickly)

She's absolutely beautiful! The gradients in her hair are very well done! I also love her outfit! I'm into gothic lolita fashion, so her outfit is right up my alley! ^_^

Her base is plain black and also very large. I at least wish they could have made it cyber-themed or something...

The paint job is also very well done, especially her face! SPM figures are usually very well done when it comes to the paint job and face, and she is no different. Here is a close up.

Her headphones say 'infinity' on the sides and feature an infinity symbol, which is a neat detail!

Overall, she is another great SPM figure! She has some flaws here and there, such as noticeable plastic seam lines. She could also use some polishing in certain areas. She's a prize figure though, so I don't expect perfection! Here she is on my manga shelf near my other SPM figures!

Overall rating: