Original release date: 8.15.22
Date obtained: 10.27.22
Obtained from: AmiAmi

This one is a big different from other figures! It's... The Miniature Miku Miku ♪ Room by Re-Ment! I've never heard of Re-Ment before but they make other miniatures. Perhaps I'll be getting more of them in the future! But I digress!

This miniature series features the one and only Hatsune Miku! There are eight boxes in the series. I bought the full series package so I don't have to worry about ordering individuals or getting doubles. This is the better way to obtain them, as the series and its individual boxes seemed to have doubled in price! Always preorder figures you think you may want, folks! You can always cancel later of course.

Anyway, I was really excited to obtain these miniatures considering I've never had any! So without any further ado, let's get a look at the box!

The top of the box shows the different ways you can customize your Miku room! Here are the other sides of the box as well.



So tiny... So much to look at... So much to do... Looking at the images on the box made me want to begin making my Miku room! So let's open it up!!!

The gang's all here, all eight of them! The box flaps contain the wall and floor of the room, so we'll be cutting those out later. Here are the contents of the boxes in order! It was a lot more than I expected!

Box one
Box two

Box three
Box four

Box five
Box six

Box seven
Box eight

As you can see, there is so much to put together! A lot of cutting out to do and stickers to place! The instructions are in japanese, but that didn't deter me at all. It was simple but time consuming to put together. After almost three hours, here is everything in place!

here are some closeups.

I truly love this set. I felt like a little kid putting together a dollhouse. It was a lot of fun. The paint job was amazing. The details are awesome. I have absolutely no complaints at all!

I plan on buying an acrylic box to display the set. I also have a Miku Swacchao preordered, so when she comes in she'll be sat on the chair! If you're able to obtain this set, I recommend it 100%.

Overall rating: