Original release date: 2.10.13
Original rerelease date: 7.25.13
Date obtained: 9.23.21
Obtained from: AmiAmi

After literal months of waiting, she's finally here along with two other Miku figures: the Strawberry White Snow Miku Nendoroid! She's the most owned Miku figure on MFC, so I decided that I needed her to see why!

Before that, a little story on how I obtained her. I ordered her along with two other Miku figures in June from AmiAmi, preowned but unopened. My dumb ass decided to use surface shipping, which takes 2-4 months. Why am I a dumbass? Because I was going to move in July. -_- so here I am, at my new house for two months already and the package is nowhere to be found until yesterday. The package couldn't be delivered because my former residence is now inaccessable. It was going to be sent back until the mailman himself called me. He is good acquaintances with my family and was nice enough to hold the package and give it to me himself! :) moral of the story: don't skimp on shipping. Spend those five extra dollars for quick dhl shipping. Another moral: if your mailman knows you enough to do you a favor, you probably order too many packages.

Anyways... Let's look at her box! It's covered in plastic wrapping, which is a little strange for a nendoroid.



Such a simple yet cute box! Unwrapping the box and taking the paper cover off reveals another Miku underneath!

Opening the box was a little difficult. Here she is in her blister. She has a lot of accessories, which I didn't expect! Underneath the top blister is the bottom blister, which holds her platform and stand, and alternate hair.

Taking the blisters out of the box reveals a little strawberry at the bottom of the box. How cute! ^_^

And here she is taken out of her packaging! She's absolutely adorable! Her neck joint is a bit loose though... Let's hope she doesn't lose her head!

I also expected her to be a bit sticky considering her age and the fact that she's never been taken out of the box. She surprisingly was completely clean and soft to the touch! How lucky!

Taking off her hood reveals little strawberry seeds inside of it. Such a cute detail!

Deciding on how I wanted to pose her was difficult! Here she is in her sitting pose! I didn't keep her this way because it wouldn't look good at the top of my shelf.

And her she is in her final pose!

Overall, this is definitely one of my favorite Miku Nendoroids! She's very detailed, and her poses are very unique. I now understand why she's the most owned Miku figure on MFC. ^_^' Here she is, posed next to my other Miku Nendoroids!

Overall rating: